6 Whiskey Glasses Every Man Needs

6 Whiskey Glasses Every Man Needs

For those true connoisseurs of whiskey, you know there is an eclectic variety of possible cocktails and glasses to enjoy them from. In order to look like the type of man who not only loves his whiskey but knows the proper glasses to have it in, read on and stock your cabinet with the following.


This is a traditional Spanish glass that was most often used to sample sherry. Over time the copita has become a more popular choice for whiskey drinkers the world over. The long stem makes it easy to hold in your hand and the long narrow top allows for a concentrated aroma.

BEST FOR: single malt whiskey



This is the most commonly used whiskey glass due to the wide rim. The glass allows for drinkers to enjoy a variety of cocktails with or without ice. The wide base is ideal for muddled cocktails and is timeless for any whiskey fan.

BEST FOR: muddled cocktails, whiskey on the rocks


This is similar to the tulip glass although it is more robust. The base is shorter and more solid making it an ideal choice for those who do not want a long stem on their glass. The size of the glass makes it a great choice for swirling whiskey to release aromas. The glass is dedicated to whiskey and is meant to be enjoyed by those who have a true appreciation for their drink. 

BEST FOR: Whiskey sampling, straight whiskey


This glass is on the newer side and was created as a mistake by a glassblower. This odd-shaped glass was discovered to be perfect for warding harsh liquor smells away from the nose. The glass is great for a conversation piece and for appreciating the whiskey without the smell.

BEST FOR: those who love whiskey, but not the strong aroma


Also known as the brand bowl, cognac glass, and the balloon, this glass is wreaks of classiness. It is highly associated with gentleman’s clubs, cigar rooms, and high-end restaurants. Although it is widely used for brandy, the sniter has a wide body that makes it ideal for any dark liquor for the shape promotes the release of harsh vapors from the liquor. 

BEST FOR: straight whiskey


A simple tall glass, the highball is most commonly used for a scotch and soda, whiskey and coke, and other simple concoctions. This glass allows for a lot of ice and mixers to be enjoyed with your whiskey and is common in most restaurants and bars.

BEST FOR: simple mixed whiskey cocktails


No matter how you like to enjoy your whiskey, any real man, or real whiskey fan for that matter, wouldn’t dare be caught enjoying his fine, dark liquor out of any glass that is not found on this list. What’s in your cabinet?

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