4 Board Games Every Man Must Own

4 Board Games Every Man Must Own

With many of us staying home more than ever before, finding fun games and activities has required a bit more creativity. For some, pulling out that old box of board games from dusty storage has opened up a brand new world of opportunities. Whether it’s an old classic board game such as Sorry or Monopoly, or a modern strategy game like Pandemic, board games have seen a resurgence in the past several years.

For men, board games can provide the perfect way to hone strategy and competitive skills while having a great time connecting with others. However, not all games are alike, and there are some that are classics that stand the test of time. Here’s a list of the top four board games that every man should own.


Wait - is Chess a “board game”?

Well, if you count this classic game of strategy and wits being played with ornate pieces on a board, then yes! The classic gentleman’s game, chess has been enjoyed for hundreds of years as a way to train your brain and overthrow your opponent. The favorite game for men who want to build their mental prowess and negotiating powers, chess has become a way for men to test one another while helping raise their sons to think critically.

Chess has become so popular as the king of board games that the fate of the world often hinged on the game. At the height of the Cold War, global superpowers went head to head at global chess tournaments - pitting the USA and the USSR against one another. The thought? Whoever can win on the chess board could probably claim victory on the battlefield! Now that’s a game that will get your heart racing.


This classic word-building board game has often been relegated to the kid’s toy box, but Scrabble is actually a game that tests the boundaries of your wordsmithing abilities. As you work to build words using the small wooden alphabet tiles, Scrabble is a true man’s sport, as this simple game tests your mental acuity as well as your negotiating skills.

Board games can provide the perfect way to hone strategy and competitive skills while having a great time connecting with others

Does CANCELLED have two “L”s, or just one? The answer may make the difference between winning and losing a close game. Perfect for one-one-one action or with teams, Scrabble will keep you on your toes as you try to fight off your opponent’s superfluous nomenclature and work to create a blockade of verbal milieu.


Imaging heading out into the forest to gather wood, breaking a sweat while mining ore, and traversing the barren landscape - all in an effort to build an empire. Does the opportunity to build your own world - and frustrate your friends - spark the adventurer’s flame in your heart? The sense of adventure and thrill of the gamble has helped skyrocket Settlers of Catan to the top of the board game charts.

Developed in 1995 by game designer Klaus Teuber, Catan (or simply “Settlers” for veterans) has players putting on their settler’s shoes and working to build holdings across a customizable board. To build, players must trade and acquire resources as they build s, each attempting to build and develop holdings while trading and acquiring resources. Grab three buddies - or more if you buy one of the many expansions available.


RISK is a great pastime for men at home

Are you ready to take on what may be the most ambitious board game ever created? Take your vacation days, set your out-of-office email response, and sit down for a multi-day campaign with RISK!

The globe-spanning board game pits nation against nation for global superiority, RISK has developed a cult-following for it’s massive playability and deep strategy-driven gameplay. Every move you make could mean the difference between rising to the top of power or seeing your country wiped off the map - literally.

For men, board games can provide the perfect way to hone strategy and competitive skills while having a great time

There are even online communities that you can join to learn more about the game, discover new ways to win, and connect with other RISK fans. Nothing beats bringing a bit of geopolitical turmoil to your living room.

Whether you are mastering a classic or cutting your teeth on a new offering, board games are a great way to build community, train your brain, and have non-digital fun. (Yes, it is possible!)


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