West Village Project by Alyssa Kapito

West Village Project by Alyssa Kapito

Alyssa Kapito tastefully uses earth tones throughout the office and home. This home office design incorporates various shades of tan and brown that come together with a big, lightly colored wooden bookcase to create a sophisticated color palette that is both tasteful and visually appealing. Alyssa’s decision to add art that matches up perfectly with that color palette pays off as well. I love her utilization of a patterned rug that has earth tones throughout that matches lovely with the darker wooden desk that sits on top of it, accented by stainless steel legs. And throughout the house, especially in the kitchen, I love her use of different types of wood. The living room also uses earth tones as well as matching artwork, except in this room Alyssa decides to go big with the artwork to properly fill the space. This really does wonders for this room, as it keeps the reasonably sized living room from looking too empty.

Plants throughout the home

She also chose to add two plants, one smaller one to sit on the table and one bigger plant to sit in the corner of the room. This splash of green adds a pop of color that is powerful without overpowering the palette of the room. She also has flowers in the bedrooms, bathroom, office and hallway. There is a misconception that this is only appropriate for women but this isn’t true and should be used more in men home design as well. They can make anyone’s space feel more natural and floral, which isn’t feminine by default but tasteful. I think the white flowers in the bathroom really bring the look together.

Minimal use of bright colors

In one of the bedrooms, Alyssa utilizes off-white walls and gray carpet throughout the room to let the red from the comforter set and blue from the wall art really pop. She also subtly added yellow flowers as well on top of a dark, wooden night stand which makes the yellow on the petals stand out even more. On both nightstands, she added a cylindrical shaped gold lamp on each. I think the gold and the dark colored wood of the nightstands work very well together to give the room a classy look. I also love the red flowers in a wooden kitchen, it compliments the warm toned counters nicely.

What things would you replicate from this project?

If I could take any 4 items and incorporate them into my own home, I would definitely want that giant earth tone art piece from the living room. In an enormous space, that art would absolutely make a big, empty room feel just a little bit smaller and more intimate. I’d also want the rug from the office to go with it, as the earth tones and rectangles match well with this particular piece of art as well as my personal tastes. Next would have to be that marvelous bookcase. I mean, it stretches from floor to ceiling and has storage at the bottom. It is both functional and a beautiful piece of furniture as well. Last but not least, I really love the bright blue wall art she chose for the bedroom. Overall I just love what she did with the space, earth tones with minimal, bright colored accents.

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